Wedding planners at "Hart"

We love to do weddings.  We will work with you to create your own custom reception, 

while staying within your budget. 

Most weddings consist of: 1. standard ballroom rate, 2. Crown bar, and the 3. buffet meal.

The following are base options and what they include, and alternative options available.

DJ, MC, Clergy if required, Sound System, music, and wedding cake are the responsibility of the client.

Ask us for recommendations if you need:

* A trusted wedding planner 

* A magnificent  DJ and/or MC.

* A dance choreographer that will make that first dance super special.

Our one-of-a-kind hall opens up into a large private field surrounded by trees.

This provides a fabulous opportunity for out-of-town, elderly, or guests with small children to park their RV right on site during your event.

(This option has restrictions, and must be pre-arranged with hall  prior to the event)

Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life;

Love Gives us a Fairy Tale.



We do custom menu for your wedding.

Download the following menu planning brochure to use as a guide to help build your own menu.

Our Favorite Fairy Tale  - February 14, 2019
...and she said YES !!
This is a beautiful room with 9 impressive chandeliers, a hardwood dance floor, stage, easy bar access option, opens out on to a private field with a wheelchair access.
Also includes tables, chairs, white chair covers, tear down, and cleanup.  Buffet plates, cups, water glasses, cutlery, paper napkins. (with catered events). 
Available options include buffet room or under the gazebo outside.
Includes extra staffing for the day
Chairs including delivery, set up, and take down if required.      $130 plus $3.00 per chair

  Have a look at our

"Off-Season Specials"

100 people minimum charge

Crown Bar $350
We provide the liquor, liquor licence, bartender, and security.
Drink options for your guests can range from:
                   - $5.75 a drink.
                   - Toonie Bar
                   - Ticket Sales
Corkage Fee $10 a table
Wine glasses on the table .50 each.
Wine provided by client, chilled and opened by Hart Crown staff.
Client must provide BC receipts.
Host Bar $600
Client has use of bar, glasses.
Client responsible for providing liquor, liquor licence, bartender with serving it right.
Client must not sell alcohol.
Hall will provide security, and assist with enforcing over-serving prevention.
EXTRA OPTIONS: As requested
For the hall decorations,
* you can bring in your own decorator, 
* DIY completely, 
* We can set a base table.
Or a combination of all three.
White or Black Tablecloths         - $10 each
including set up/take down 
Black Satin Chair Ties                 - $1 each
Includes setup/take down
Our Table centerpieces                - $25 a table
including set up/take down
Wine glasses & White or Black Linen napkins
including set up/take down          -  $2 setting
LED trees (4) for decorating  - $0
Cocktail Tables                       - $0
Doors / Lattice background for head table
                                                - $0